Hello and welcome... while the site is designed to show some examples of Convery's work, it also hopes to provide a context for the current and earlier paintings, offering some background information or possible narrative, in relation to both the work and the artist. Its purpose also, is to support and promote exhibited work, where new developments, details and archive works, will be added and uploaded regularly.

Convery's paintings are a constant process of revision, marked by intense periods of creative activity culminating in a major work, followed by a pause, renewal and a change of emphasis. A traditionalist Painter, he produces paintings, drawings and collages, mainly on a large scale. While Convery has clearly been influenced by his Scottish training and Scottish painting, (Edinburgh in particular with Gillies, Philipson, Davie and Bellany all detectable), his oeuvre owes as much to a broader range of influences, including early Italian Painting, Persian Miniatures, Fauvism and post war American and German Painting. His chosen forms embody an aspiration for the scale and impact of post-war abstraction and the fragmented motifs that characterise his earlier works, express the disparate and random cultural confusion of the 80’s and 90’s, perhaps without the anxiety of his European contemporaries. The missing ‘hope’ (actually crucial in angst) now emerging in the new paintings, is favourably unfashionable and has infused, without diluting his recent work.


"these triptychs came about at the end of a series of paintings i’d made after Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues' little painting ‘Young Daughter of the picts’ ...which I’d first seen on a visit to Yale's 'Center for British Art' in the early 1980s"... (fc)

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