Gallery 4

"the 'Beach camp' idea had been around for a while (see archive) but I felt it found better expression by 2009. I'd painted and collaged disparate elements within the same piece many times and had conducted bathers or divers within a variety of ”environments” but usually ‘Arcadian’... with a spoiler.

This painting seemed to complete for me, the cycle of concept and content...'reading Ovid', we read (view) the neck-braced bather, forever reading about 'love' ...while the other beach campers (like Ovid's losers), contemplate their eternal 'loss'..."

Though painted over the same period 'Greek Lounger' preceded 'Beach Camp (reading Ovid)'.

Painting Homer's 'Penelope' before Ovid's less lofty Heroides, worked out emotionally and historically fortuitous...they both seemed to resolve themselves eventually after a long haul".


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  1. Karen Anderson avatar
    Karen Anderson Dec 14, 2015

    have looked at your work over the years mainly in the RSA and once in a mixed Scottish exhibition in London. I must say I have liked your work,it always stood out , and been impressed with the quality and versatility you have shown. Karen Anderson, (former student of Grays in 90’s )