sketchbook 5


 These paper works were made during a 'C.R. Mackintosh Residency' in Collioure (S. France) in 2012.

If a sketchbook is for sketching and frequently used by artists as a part of their creative process, it’s use for Convery has been episodic. The ‘observation’ type, focusing and documenting the external world, recording what the artist sees, has been seldom used since his undergraduate years, more often the ‘invention’ type, following the development and internal journey, of compositional ideas… but generally, sketching has meant preliminary stand alone drawings (sketches), prior to the making of the larger paintings.

The Collioure sketchbooks were made, as a practical method and revised process, to combine observation and Interpretation, mostly made in gouache and ink, back in the small pink studio after walks around the small port or after visits to Ceret near-by.

Memory and its selective edit, helping to establish on each page; the figure, the light and composition, the mood and energy of the developing image… captured within hours of the walk or visit.

Seldom exhibiting preliminary and small scale works in the past, the subjective and sensual handling of these more intimate and ephemeral records, shown here unedited and prior to their reinterpretation, are part key to the development of the ‘finished works’.

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