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Convery’s Paintings have been characterised by scale, a colourist sensitivity, a drawing fluency and a changeable form.

Using a range of sources and materials composed and distributed across the surface of his paintings, apparent randomness is then moderated, rationalised, and ordered.

His expressive attitude is embodied in the large colour saturated paintings that, over the years, have combined painting and collage; classical pictorial elements, influenced and informed by art history and its contemporary relevance, his work employs and energises that combiniation of durable modernist forms, abstraction and figuration.

Concerned with expansive and classical themes; bathers, landscape, the studio, sensuality, isolation, belief…he has employed a diversity of materials in addition to his thickly applied paint, he includes textiles, packaging and print materials, studio fragments, inks, silicon, and digital reproductions, as optional layers within the work.

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